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Try Buttermilk

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Try Buttermilk

New Cooking Tip, Try Buttermilk

try buttermilk

New Cooking Tip, Try Buttermilk – Some people find the taste of grass-fed beef gamey. Well cattle raised and finished exclusively on grass are eating a natural, or traditional diet that is very similar to what wild game eat, which leads to them having super lean muscle tissue like for instance moose, and hence the gamey taste. Perhaps it is the fact that I was raised in a family of hunters and ate wild game meat quite regularly growing up, but I do not find the taste of grass-fed to be too gamey, or for that matter, unpleasant in any way. Some people however, do find it to be too gamey for their liking. Here’s a little known trick for lessening that gamey taste, marinate it in buttermilk.
It may sound strange, but it actually works. The lactic acid and protein enzymes of the buttermilk break down the cell walls of the meat, thereby tenderizing it and reducing the gamey flavour. To try it, simply poke a few holes in the steak or meat cut of your choice, place in a glass or ceramic dish that will not absorb flavours, cover it with buttermilk, and set it in the refrigerator covered overnight. To cook, dry the meat off, and set it on the counter for several hours so that it warms to room temperature (this does not compromise the food safety of the meat, and is a regular practice of many top chefs), then cook as normal for your particular cut of grass-fed beef. Don’t have buttermilk, you can use regular whole milk with a couple of tablespoons of white vinegar stirred in. Chef’s from the Southern US would be well versed in cooking with buttermilk, but here in Canada, it is not something everyone has practice with, so I hope you find this informative and useful. Happy cooking!

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