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What is Organic Beef

Certified Canadian Angus Beef

Aberdeen Angus was one of the first official breeds of cattle introduced to North America, and it is been a favorite ever since.

When it comes to serving the most flavourful beef available, most professional chefs agree that Angus is the preferred choice.

Angus is Canada’s largest and fastest-growing beef, and it’s the nationally-recognized beef brand for food service professionals and retailers. Angus is also the only beef program in Canada with breed association sponsorship and support.

At Angus East Organics, our grass fed cattle are raised with their comfort and well-being in mind because we understand that a healthy animal results in a healthier product for you and your family.

Organic beef also is an asset to the land that they graze on because there are no pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or genetically-modified organisms going back into the soil.

We invite you to enjoy the fresh juicy taste of our fine-quality, organic grass-fed beef.

Experience the benefits for yourself!

What’s in the Name?

The benefits of Organic Grass Fed Beef

Omega-3, or so called “good fats” are essential for normal growth and development. Individuals consuming a diet rich in Omega-3 fats are less likely to have problems with high blood pressure or an irregular heartbeat.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is another “good fat” which has unique weight-loss properties. It accomplishes this by blocking an enzyme called “Lipoprotein Lipase” that moves fat from the blood into storage inside the body’s fat cells. CLA is one of the most potent cancer fighters known to modern science, and grass-fed beef are one of the highest carriers of this “good fat”.

Beta-carotene, a vitamin linked with a lower risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease is also abundant in fresh pasture-fed beef.

Did you know…

that grass fed beef is 300 times less likely to contain Escherichia coli (E. coli 0157:H7) than conventional beef? This is because grass fed animals does not develop “acidosis” – a situation in which the harmful strains of E. coli thrive.

Eating grass fed beef will reduce the risk of many different kinds of bacteria and diseases, because the grass contains nothing except pure goodness. This in turn helps you to feel healthier, which is our main goal at Angus East Organics.

When grazing animals are raised on a natural diet of grass – instead of grain – the resulting product is lower in “bad fats” and calories, but higher in potential life-saving “good fats” (Omega-3).

Angus East Organics also practices holistic management, which can help to reverse global warming and prevent climate change.

Benefits of Organic Beef

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